Testimonials: Members Share Their Networking Successes

Professional Referral Exchange exists because it just works! You have the opportunity to meet with business professionals on a weekly basis where they learn about your business simultaneously as you learn about theirs. And then, when you head out for your work week, this knowledge is fresh in your mind allowing for intelligent, vetted leads to commence.

But honestly, don't just take our word for it. Here are some testimonials from business professionals who have benefitted from the PRE experience:

I wanted to share the power of a good lead. Kathryn P. introduced me to an associate. We met today, and he is going to set up an enrollment event for me in January and February that will get me in front of over 200 employees! He made it clear that I was getting this opportunity because of Kathryn's referral. He actually is a Legal Shield customer, and sees the value in both plans being offered this year. With even a merger close rate of 20% that will lead to over 10,000.00 in sales from this one lead! Thanks Kathryn for your tremendous help!
- Dean Brior