Welcome to your local business networking group!

Would a motivated sales force of high caliber business professionals giving you highly qualified referrals help increase your new business? If trained business and professional people kept you front-of-mind for referrals and business leads, could you develop and create more sales? If you can answer yes to either of these questions, PRE could be for you!

Professional Referral Exchange is an organization of committed business associates, one in each business category who know, like and trust each other. We serve as each others' sales force for the mutual benefit of all. Chapters are highly relational and become more than business acquaintances, they become business families. In each locality, we recruit and organize solid people who focus on finding business referrals for each other in mutually beneficial arrangements. Many established chapters have individuals with over ten years as members.

Successful members in PRE understand the secret to receiving referrals is to first be a giver of referrals. Those who give the most invariably get the most. This is a universal law. So if you want to receive more referrals, generate better leads and increase sales, Professional Referral Exchange may be the networking group that is your answer.

If you are willing to embrace proven, highly successful methods of generating new and additional business, you should take the next step by contacting an Area Director near you to get more details about building a healthy professional network for yourself.

What Areas Does PRE Serve?

Professional Referral Exchange covers Southeastern Pennsylvania and Maryland. Specifically, you can find chapters in these counties: Adams PA, Baltimore MD, Berks PA, Carroll MD, Chester PA, Cumberland PA, Dauphin PA, Howard MD, Lancaster PA, Lebanon PA, Montgomery PA, Philadephia PA & York PA.

Where is Professional Referral Exchange?

Professional Referral Exchange (PRE) serves a large portion of Pennsylvania and Maryland. Find a local chapter near you by scanning the list below, viewing our chapter list broken down by county, or by viewing our chapter map.