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We know the importance of getting to know, like, and trust our members; so everything we do is driven by that concept. We come to know you because you are scheduled regularly to present information about your business. We grow to like you because we meet weekly and visit with you. We learn to trust you when we give you a referral and you handle it well.This is the paramount that PRE is based on.
Professional Referral Exchange is an organization of professional men and women, one in each business category, who promote each other by using a proven networking model for increasing business through the exchange of qualified referrals. The members of West Chester PRE act as each other’s sales force. Members of Professional Referral Exchange provide qualified business referrals to their fellow members.
Professional Referral Exchange allows one member per category so that there is never competition within the group. If there is no one in your category in another chapter you are welcome to visit the other group to promote yourself in other areas. There are many categories to choose from and if your service is unique or very original, a category can be created for you. Please click the button below to view a full list of our categories.